General information

Overview and Mission Statement

The Baltic Hot Rod Association (BHRA) was founded in July of 2003. At the beginning of September, 2003, the BHRA and the Estonian Auto Sport Union (EASU) will sign a contract that will result in the BHRA having all rights to represent and deal with the drag racing motor sport in Estonia.

The BHRA is a voluntary, non-profit organization whose members are dedicated auto enthusiasts. The mission of the BHRA is
  • to encourage and enhance its member participation in the sport of drag racing
  • to increase the knowledge of its members in the proper construction and operation of safe drag racing vehicles
  • to encourage a better understanding of drag racing as a constructive sport among its members, the public, the press, the community, regulatory and legislative authorities and law enforcement agencies;
  • to promote the public interest in the sport of drag racing

Progressive Sport Development

The BHRA caters to all levels of drag racing competition and interest, as well as interest in Classic and Custom cars in general. The association holds at least one national show each year. Because of such interest, the BHRA is involved with much more than just race meets and drag racing competitions. In addition, the association also organizes and runs regular classic car shows, custom car shows, automotive swap meets, social events, and much much more. 

The BHRA has the following main objectives:
  • to merge all enthusiasts who are interested of American cars, other type of cars and of the drag racing competition
  • to develop all motor sport in Estonia, in Baltic countries and in other countries through drag racing
  • to give professional education to all them, who are involved in drag racing sport, included drivers, technical personnel and other stuff.
  • to arrange and manage courses, seminars, exhibitions, competitions and other events what are conjunct with motor sport
  • to mediate all materials of drag racing motor sport and other doings involve in it through magazines, newspapers and other editions
  • to develop other areas of social life. 

Strength in Partnerships

The BHRA believes that strong partnerships produce strong results. In the spirit of this belief, the association has already started co-operate with our partners from Finland (FHRA) and from Sweden (NDRS). In the future, the BHRA expects even more mutually beneficial cooperation with them and receiving important know-how and experience from the Nordic partner that comes from over 30 years of experience in this field.

The BHRA also has strong interest in joining with drag racing of Latvian and Lithuanian . BHRA believes that together they could provide even more value than individual associations. This kind of co-operation gives more possibilities to enamor participation also from other countries.
The BHRA hopes we could do a lot and good business together on this field. Please contact us that we could discuss more about our plans together.